Why Were Armed Security Guards Necessary for the Occupy Movement?

Major events and especially national gatherings are always under threat that’s why the organizers of such events are very conscious about the security of these events and they try their best to secure the area so that they can avoid all kinds’ mishaps and stop the criminal from their activities if they’re willing to do something.

According to thegunsource.com, National Occupy Movement was also a major event that required a lot of security and there were many celebrities involved in this gathering that’s why the Armed Security Guards were hired to make the movement succeeded in a secure environment. There were some people who questioned this act and protested against this.

Well, the people have the right to protest but it doesn’t mean that they start protesting on any point without any reason. The Occupy Movement has several reasons to define that why armed security guards were hired for this event and their points are completely valid. On the other hand, protestors have provided lame excuses that are not acceptable at all.

Today, we’re going to talk about the reason why armed security guards were hired for this occasion.

Security of members

As we have mentioned before, that it is the responsibility of the organizer that he needs to make sure that all the members and audience may stay safe during a particular event.

Occupy Movement was a very major event and there were many people invited to this particular event that’s why the organizers thought of hiring the armed guards so that the criminals may not even think of doing any criminal activity.

So, the purpose of hiring these guards was not to scare the audience but it was only for the sake of their safety and security and that’s the reason why this event went successful without any mishap.

Security of popular people

Many popular people were also involved in this major gathering and the security of the celebrities is the utmost priority of all the organizers as it may create a major chaos if a celebrity gets hurt. Therefore, the organizers of this event decided to call the trained armed guards as they knew that celebrities do not only have a huge list of fans but they also have some enemies.

The enemies or competitors of famous celebrities often take advantage of such events and try to harm the celebrity during the event. That’s why the organizers decided to call the armed guards for this event as they couldn’t afford to take any risk.

Preparation against terrorists

Terrorists are completely unpredictable and you never know that when and where they are going to attack next. National Gatherings are a great target for the terrorist attacks therefore, the organizers thought of making all the preparations against all such kind of attacks so that they can make their event successful.…