Surprising Facts about Donald Trump

Donald Trump is known for a unique personality which could be the topic of everyday news due to his surprising attributes and actions on daily basis. Here are some interesting facts you might don’t know about.

  1. Here is the really cool one, his parents used to think that he was not good with manners so they send him to a military school at the age of 13.
  2. Do you know that he is a germaphobe, which clearly points out his famous high fives?
  3. It is said by the experts of history and most diligent people of America that his father was so rich that he left a lot of money which could make him rich even if you exclude his real estate business.
  4. Quite surprisingly, he has his own one star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame which he got in a reality TV SHOW.
  5. You might find it interesting that during the time from 2001 to 2009, he was a registered Democrat in the country.
  6. This is one of the best surprise stories about Donald Trump and it might make you laugh as well.The Spy Magazine once send a good amount of cheques to most wealthy people of the country and the intent was to know who would cash these cheques among these rich people. The Trump was one of the two people who cashed out the cheques and magazine were surprised.
  7. According to some influential resources, it is a surprising news that in the 80s, he thought that the New England Patriots was a bad investment and hence he passed up that chance to buy them.
  8. In his games and in Casinos, he loved to use this phrase “you are fired!” But once he was in the TV show called the Apprentice, he used the same phrase to dismiss one of the contestants in the show. He also released a game which is called “Trump, the Game” and he has a unique tag which says “I am back and you are fired!” He even tried to make this statement a trademark.

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